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I’d like to learn how to fly. How can the SFEC help me?
While the SFEC is not a flight school, it IS a state-of-the-art venue for flight instruction and a tool for enhancing the flight training of all pilots, whether they are working towards their first license or simply staying current on advanced ratings. No matter which one you are, the SFEC is best experienced alongside a certified flight instructor (CFI).

I am not a pilot. Can I still use the simulator?
Pilots and non-pilots alike can utilize the simulator after being properly checked out and purchasing hours.

Which flight instructors can accompany me at the center?
Any flight instructor can utilize and teach at the center once they have been properly checked out in the simulator. For those individuals looking for an available CFI, we can offer recommendations and connect you with A+ Aviation for more details (620-872-3000).

Can I log time in the simulator for a rating?
Yes, hours logged in the simulator can be applied to ratings or staying current. A total of 2.5 hours can be applied to a private pilot’s license, while 20 simulator hours can be applied to instrument ratings.

Are there formal classes or instructional programming offered at the center?
While we are not a flight school with formal curriculum, we do offer a variety of programs and educational opportunities throughout the year. To learn more about upcoming opportunities, sign up for our e-blasts.

What are the SFEC hours of operation?
The SFEC is open 24/7 to any pilots or instructors that have been previously checked out in the simulator. Initial use of the center and check flights are by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, contact the center.

Is the SFEC meeting space available for rent?
The SFEC can be rented by the hour or by the day. For additional details and pricing information, contact the center.